Weapon upgrades are a mechanic in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.


Each weapon in Blackout can be upgraded a select number of times corresponding to the weapon's Tier (e.x. Tier 4 weapons can be upgraded to Mk4). The exception are Prestige weapons - which have a unique upgrade system (as outlined below).

Upgrades to Mk2, Mk4, Mk6, and Mk6 always provide an increase in the weapon's armor penetration, while the other "Mk" upgrades increase a different statistic depending on the weapon in question.

To upgrade a weapon, the player must collect a required number of blueprints for a weapon they already owned (the higher the weapon's "Mk", the more blueprints required to upgrade it to the next "Mk"). Blueprints collected for a fully upgraded weapon will be converted to Diamond Dust.

Weapons can also be rented fully upgraded for a limited time in exchange for Credits.

Prestige UpgradesEdit

As of Update XX, Prestige weapons can be upgraded up to Mk7 in order to unlock Prestige attachments:

Please note that since not all attachments are available for all Prestige weapons, the actual number of Mk upgrades will vary from weapon to weapon. (e.x. The Firecracker lacks the Extended Quick Drop magazine upgrade).

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