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Icon Specialist Specialist
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Ability32px Voodoo Doll
Ultimate abilityFatal Curse
Alternate actionAim Down Sights


The boys in my neighborhood used to yell at me. They would tell me to go home and play with my dolls. OK. Whatever you say.

Dolls are for little girls to play make believe. Some girls pretend to be princesses, getting swept off their feet by a handsome hero. That never suited me. I loved only one thing in this world... Revenge. It did not take long for the girl with the dolls to grow a reputation -- they called me "The Witch." What is the point of correcting those that will soon be dead? ⠀ Kill enough people, and you might get a price on your head. It must have felt so adventurous to them: Slay the witch and get the gold. So they would come, those mercenaries and bounty hunters... and they would die. I grew rather bored of it all, until one shadowy figure arrived at The Witch's doorstep... bearing good tidings. Come to plead with the witch? Pay for a curse? No. This one came with an offer.

Now I am the only Agent with a doll collection.


Witch is a specialist agent in Modern Combat Versus.


Her weapon is Spell-Cast, fully automatic submachine gun. High fire rate and medium handling on the recoil.

Ability: Voodoo DollEdit

Witch is equipped with a special doll that holds darts. She has the ability to target enemies and hit them with darts. Witch can curse enemies that were hit with darts. When enemies are cursed, they will take instant damage and damage over time. Their movement will also be slowed.

Ultimate AbilityEdit

Her ultimate ability adds stun effect on all targets after slow ends.

Counters Edit

Quotes Edit

When selected Edit

When deployed Edit

  • "We play, danger is here"
  • "Time to die."

Respawning Edit

  • "I will come back."
  • "I didn't foresee that."
  • "One can't cheat death."
  • "I won't be mocked."
  • "No one will escape."

Killing an enemy Edit

  • "Good ridance!"
  • "A pity."
  • "What a baggage."
  • "Music to my ears!"
  • "Sleep now!"
  • "Like a dream!"
  • "Three dead!"
  • "Four dead!"
  • "Got by my darts!"
  • "I will relish this moment!"
  • "Another soul!"
  • "I seek them!"
  • "Fear me!"
  • "No one can't touch me!"
  • "Goodbye!"
  • "An eye for an eye!" (Revenge Kill)
  • "Struck by death" (Revenge Kill)

Activating ability Edit

  • "Don't struggle!"
  • "Got you!"
  • "Meet your fate!" (Enemy only)
  • "Your time is over! (Enemy only)

Victory Edit

  • "We have won!"
  • "The day is ours!"

Defeat Edit


  • Default
  • Hex

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