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| 1:Value = World Liberation Army

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WLA Logo

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| 4:Value = Terrorist organization

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| 5:Label = Leader
| 5:Value = Everett Saunders

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| 6:Value = 

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| 7:Label = Country
| 7:Value = International

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| 8:Label = Branch
| 8:Value = 

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| 9:Label = Engagements
| 9:Value = Attacks on Venice and Tokyo

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| 10:Label = Active
| 10:Value = 3 weeks before May 19th

| 11:Type = Line

| 11:Label = Motto
| 11:Value = 

}} The World Liberation Army is a terrorist group in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout[edit | edit source]

The World Liberation Army is an international terrorist organization with a mission of putting capitalism to an end. Masters of assault and exceptionally well-trained in strategic operations, they are equipped with top-of-the-line weaponry. The WLA are famous for attacking unsuspecting locations, with no prior warning. They target tourist destinations, civilian populations, and key financial zones. Recently, they have expanded their tactics to the field of cyber-warfare. The WLA are a new breed of terrorist.

At the start of the campaign, the WLA launches an attack on Venice, Italy to steal chemical weapons being stored there by the United Nations, with a Gilman Security task force sent in to repel the WLA attack and secure the weapons. Moments before the attack, the WLA released a statement: "The chains of capitalism will be broken. The weight of economic oppression will be lifted. The plague of unfettered greed will be eradicated." Only a couple weeks after the Venice attack, the WLA targeted Asia's networks in a large-scale cyber attack.

In responds to the Asian cyber attacks, an international summit on cybersecurity is held in Tokyo - at which point the WLA attacks Tokyo using the chemical weapons stolen in Venice, throwing the city into chaos.

Eventually, however, it is discovered by Phoenix and Roux that the WLA have actually been under the orders of Gilman Security CEO Kirk Bancroft the entire time - who is revealed to actually be the international terrorist Everett Saunders, who intends to use the chaos created by the WLA attacks to start a major world war. The WLA attack in Venice was actually ordered by Saunders as a coverup to allow for the theft of the chemical weapons without Gilman's involvement being discovered.

After the death of Saunders, and the revelation of Gilman Security's involvement in orchestrating the WLA attacks, the fate of what remains of the WLA is not officially confirmed.

WLA soldiers encountered as enemies in the Campaign can be distinguished by their combat vests emblazoned with the WLA logo and their red skimasks.

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