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The ZN6-Prototype is an assault rifle that is featured in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

Bravel‑1   ACM   KT‑44   Maiden   TZ4‑Compakt   ZN6‑Prototype    
TypeAssault Rifle
Likely based onXM8
UsersKPR Alliance
Phantom Unit
Rate of fire600 RPM~
Magazine size30
45 (Extended)
Starting ammo30/150
Max. ammo30/450
Reloading1.2 seconds~
Fire modeAutomatic
UnlockedRank 70
CostMC3 Credit22,000

Campaign Edit

The ZN6-Prototype is very rare in the campaign, and can only be seen in the missions Façade with an ACOG Scope and a Suppressor and in Martyrdom with no attachments.

Multiplayer Edit

Unlocked at rank 70, the ZN6-Prototype is the last primary weapon to be unlocked. It is an commonly seen used by high ranked players because it features low to medium recoil, good damage and good accuracy. The ZN6-Prototype handles similarly to the Maiden, though with higher damage and reload times. The iron sights are very obstructive and are generally considered to be one of the worst in the game, along with those of the TXR-Reaper and ACM. Optics are recommended for mid-long range use, and the FMJ rounds attachment can help increase the already high range.

  • High range
  • Very high rate of fire
  • Consistent damage across the board
  • Low recoil
  • Fast reload
  • Great hip fire
  • Obstructive iron sights
  • Late unlock level

Optional weapon attachments Edit

Attachment Price Effect
Red Dot Sight MC3 Credit 2,000 Increases clarity of the sight.
Holographic Sight MC3 Credit 4,000 Increases clarity even more.
ACOG Scope MC3 Credit 2,000 Increases zoom when ADS.
Thermal Scope MC3 Credit 6,000 Highlights humans.
Flash Hider MC3 Credit 6,000 Increases accuracy and removes muzzle flash.
Grip MC3 Credit 4,000 Reduces recoil.
Suppressor MC3 Credit 4,000 Lowers firing noise and keeps the user off the radar when firing.
Extended magazine MC3 Credit 2,000 Increases amount of ammunition per magazine.
FMJ rounds MC3 Credit 6,000 Increases damage.

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Video Edit

Zn6 Prototype Modern Combat 3 Gameplay

Zn6 Prototype Modern Combat 3 Gameplay

ZN6-Prototype Gameplay

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  • The world model for the ZN6-Prototype is a grey-blue color, but the first-person model is a brown-green color.
  • The reload animation is the same as the ACM and the Bravel-1.
  • Despite only being a prototype, the ZN-6 is very common in the later levels, and is even seen being used by KPR troops.
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