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Zone Control in Zero Hour

Zone Control is a game mode in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. It was added to Modern Combat 5: Blackout in the Spring Update.

Rules[edit | edit source]

There are two teams. The maximum amount of players are 12, 6 players on each team. The main objective that you and your team must accomplish is to capture 3 flags, Flag Alpha, Flag Bravo, and Flag Charlie. As long as a flag is under control, the team gets points.

The more players in the capture zone, the faster the capturing. This is especially a strong effect in Blackout, since every player seems to double the capturing process.

Radio voices[edit | edit source]

Players might hear over your radio that a team has captured a flag or a point. It could go something like this, "Alpha secured" or when your opponent captures a flag or a point, you might hear this, "Our enemy is taking Bravo". These gives you hints to know where to go to destroy your enemy in order for you to capture the flag. Zone control is a simple mode, but it takes lots of skill, patience, and teamwork to succeed. 

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Zone Control would originally be named Domination in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. This can be seen from the tips in loading screens, mentioning "domination flags". This was used to be in the pre-post beta versions until the final release version.

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